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January 8th, 2011, 12:20 pm

recognize the rabbit

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Don't miss every day updates! /text like this/ means that it's being spoken in a foreign language. In this case, it's in German :>

FastPuck: but ur so much shorter than me :I
Ivrealovergirl: no no, that really is 15yo Hirn :> he was always BIG
Fang Shinobi: LOL DOOR OF EVIL! Herz has jsut always been underdeveloped physically and mentally and Hirn was umm always overdeveloped? :D
AIZombie: YES WOOOAHA how did you notice them?! AMAZING!
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Omg, he is so adorable as a baby. Can I have him? o3o


=w= I want to snuggle him forever more. o3o So adorable. I would handle the maimed skin just to cuddle him. :3

little herz is sooo cute with his little stomach arms sdjfhdfh =v= and is that a robbie doll omg coolest family EVER

Ahh these last pages are getting cuter and cuter, I have a small something to give u later, remember. ;D

This page EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PAGE makes my tummy tingle with happyness ;u; aaaahhh oh my gosh baby Herz and Mama Wolfram I LOVE THEM and Hirn I love him too as always /explodes into marshmallows and heart shaped confetti

Heeee. "JA JA JA". <3
I noticed because I'm...I... I don't know! More owls!

Also I love the little jump-splat-slide in the last panel. o Uo Neeheee.

Little Herz is so adorable <3


Sooooo cuuuuute d(>w<)b !!!

I wish I had a brother like him xD
panelka s malenkim Herzem i Robbie takaja milaja 8A8 also horoso cto ti Robbie narisowala, reverence na ih mesto proziwanija ;3
also wat herzu 5 let, a on escio goworit ne umeet? == on cto takoj tupoj<:/



Hirn had super sexyily broad shoulders, even at fifteen :D *drools*

SPIDER MONKEY.! Herz is so cute <3

Herz is so cute but its sad for a mother not to able to hold her child because he unintential hurts her. HMMM i wonder how his brothers were as babies did the bite or claw their mother like Herz did? And where is Lunge?

^w^ -insert yet comment gushing about baby Herz's cuteness, Hirn's sexiness, and Momma Wolfram's sheer epicness here-

Poor woman, must fear breastfeeding time...

The creepy-ass silent hill Bunny!Run to the hills!

well it must of been something having him that's for sure

Aww cute! If that's the mom, how come he turned into a monster :O makes you question who she's been having fun with xD

/USINGINTERNETVIAIPODTOUCH. Woah... Who knew Herz could climb a wall Supa Baby Herz!!!

hohoho I wonder if there's a reason for Mama Wolfram hiding her lower face e u e

their mother is not a monster? Does it come from their daddy, then :O

anyway, these pages are flowing with cuteness i can't even - ;-; jajaja

Awesomest older brother ever.

My cousin's turning 6 and she only recently stopped using the bottle too. But she's getting big, probably the same weight as her 7-year old sister, so maybe that's why Herz looked small for me.

That last panel reminded me of that evil man-eating baby from one of Junji Ito's collections (he's my fave horror mangaka). But at least Herz looks cute here. And wait, is that the door of evil he's attacking? At this point, it seems like he's attacking everything lol.

I've just realised my brother's shoulders are identical to Hirn's here! O.o
He's 15, btw.

(One of them just hit me in the chest... ow... >_<)

Silent Hill Bunny. I like it :]

OH my glob, it's ROBBIE the RABBIT. <3 without the blood. Did the Wolframs visit Lakeside amusement park one foggy day? XD

hern is such an obedient son D': omg! lurves!

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