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December 7th, 2010, 10:39 am

what what

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Oh hey, I bet you totally didn't expect that but BLAM! COLOR!!!!!!
It's a long story why it is in color :I but I'm not doing it again >:I

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*milk+assassin*, December 7th, 2010, 10:42 am Reply

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COLLORR!!! the butt 8D
i luv sunny >w>

ITS SO COLORFUL!! hahah. I love it!! <33
annnnd the in the butt.
Very nice.
I feel so spoiled since you've been updating like whoa! <3
Yay you
Also: I love the new way you're drawing people <33 Alex looks faabulous. more mature. ^^

what what?
in the butt o;
oh the madness!

What, what, in tha butt? XD

Love your coloured page! <3

You are amazing, just plain and simple amazing. The colored page is....more ahmazing that usual but still, you're awesome. Love this comic, its the first thing I look for in my favs :)

Alex looks different in color lol. Or is it a-art evolution?!

Oh yes you will do it again >:I

awwww pinky sooo cute

People are doing butt jokes but I won't go that low.

Lemme just get to the BOTTOM of this and say awesome page.


Just about lol'd, well thats a sure fire way to know!!!

THIS IS SO COLORED MY EYES ARE BURNING. You should ttly do this more often. It's a pleasant kind of burning.

coloooorsss~ pretty colooorsss! and Jura looks pretty in panel 3, I like his hands!


ily <3

Yeah the colors are so this comic 8D !!!

*Hunffgiggle* in te butt .//v//.

Haha, perfect setup! >:D

Heyyy, you updated many times!
so nice and bright, love it :D

In the butt. <3 :3

Yaaaay. I love you for the color. NOW GET TO WORK. >:I Awhz.:3

i burst out laughing. goodness, thoug i need to comment more, i love this comic!! XD

Its in color its amazing!!!!!!

Shots in the butt hurts Like a son of a bees knees.
Both my legs where numb for half the day.

*Has a flashback* DX

With the color. The comic has now gone gay. XD

what what in the butt

Yay Colour! Also, was Sunny always that tall?
I could've sworn Alex had a height advantage over him.

such color!! *.*

oh Jura ur just too innocent CX

Is it me or Does Alex seem waaay taller than before

is it just me or does the clipboard say "win."? o_O

@Misty: OAO It does, when I looked at it now. XD

They are so colorful! X3
Sounds like fun, I hope he'll give him
the shot in the butt. >w<



And YES. The butt. Give him the shot... in the butt >8U

always tought Alex was tanned

See Sunny you know you love Alex :)
You wanna do me in the butt what what!

In the butt! >:3

I wanna see a color butt in the next page ;P <3

Holeh shit it looks gayer in color. XDDDD

But yes it is awesomelookin XD


HEY UM The background of your smackjeeves is showing Bandwidth exceeded signs from photobucket is that just me or is it something else?

Nope, I see it, too! Guess Photobucket is being lame

This comic's awesome appears to have broken photobucket. I applaud your skill.

Omg I know I'm not the only one to say this but I was so thinking what what in the butt when I read that line. xD

So beautiful...btw I'm not sure if it's just me, but your background and pictures all say "bandwidth exceeded" -_- I'm gonna feel stupid if I'm the only one seeing this!

O: All of this whole thing makes me love youuuuu!

Color pages make happy.

Also, lol ass shot. I've had one of those ONCE, they do not hurt less. The doctors lie to you. :'C

ALSO: So much Photobucket Bandwidth Exceeded~

what what

...i always picture alex with orangeish blonde hair. :|

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