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November 16th, 2010, 12:41 pm

that ancient big block nokia phone

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they are stuck under a bridge Just to let you know, no Vanilla is back home in the town of saiuofhjpshhh

EDIT: DON'T EVEN TRY TO LOOK AT VANILLA STANDING ON YOUR HEAD! It's the terriblest panel in the world the other way around.

animeangelindark: what you do if your water is tooooo harrrdddd and roouuughh?
Dregon: that drawn one? lol! i think it's a complete nonsense :,D
Maruaro: your bravery knows no limits! thx~! fixed!
*milk+assassin*, November 16th, 2010, 12:45 pm Reply

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i love this.

Who's going to get them down now without
involving their parents, the police and rehab? o_o

grammar issue, you said 'ar' instead out 'our'. Was it intentional? o3o


Somehow, the "Ar" is fitting o3o

Anyway, omg omg XD Updates <3

Edit: Am I the only one who tried to turn my head upside-down to look at Vanilla? >3<

Batman comes and rescues.

My parents have that phone! :D

@HeavyKitty: No, you're not. ^w^;;

...I turned the screen.

hmmmmmmmmmm |:I
Explode 8D


Vanilla (and friend whom i am unable to name at this time) + hookers boot(maybe w/ foot, maybe w/ whole hooker, who knows? tis the mystery of the year.) +bridge = one F*cking AWESOME night.

unless you can find another monsterous, flesh hidering pretty boy, in about a 20 mile radius...your pretty much screwed D:

Either way that boy is GAY *shot*

Vanilla look sexy right side up and upside down! Lol...I turned the screen = w= hur hur

Oh Nilla isn't at home that jerk only text him so he can get down without getting into trouble .he doesn't care well that was to be expected i guess

lol Vanillas crazy and the pannle look awesome upside down ;D *but don't try it may cause you to bang your head on your key board and fall off your chair* xD

Aw poor Herz. :C

...I don't even think I want to know how they got up there. -_-U

*flips her laptop upsidedown* what ya sayin', it looks helluva sexy! D:

ROFLMFAO WHAT wait how'd they got there? I'm dying to know, you >:I

waaaah seriously!? Vanila looks really omnnomnom hot with his hair standing/ hanging like that he should start using hairgel:3*humps him under the bridge*

If i look at it upside-down, Vanilla looks like a DBZ character. :D

Lol I just turned my laptop upside down. :>

Or if people click Ctrl + Alt + down arrow your screen goes upside down. ^-^

Best. Party. Ever.

I just picked up my monitor and turned it upside-down. X] I think it looks quite epic upside-down.

that's a cute "hm" face :D <3

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