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October 15th, 2010, 2:01 pm

*hand* :C

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That's his healing arm, that was torn off Oh yeah, if it's about Herz then it's about sadness and angst too :C

Soki asking for it by mimi <3

Nwonknu: lol i didn't say that :,D i just mentioned them being pokemons once and since this comic is so random...why not? :,D yes we will know
WhitexNoise: BL will have TONS of rip offs of SH so don't worry :,D the question is how hirn is interested in it >_>
VItamInPIll: it's all your fault :C not only I drew something not for kids it also fuckin moves
sweetherring: OOOOHHHHH! oooohh!! How interesting!!! WHY WAS IT CALLED LIKE THAT??
Zeromotion: I don't have that u with dots thing anymore :C realllyyy it's called munich??? I DIDNT KNOOOWW OOOHHH
chaospie: noo! I'm sorry! I didn't want to offend any german with oktoberfest #-# My aunt's german husband has never been there too :,D it's just something I wanted to experience and i saw it in Gallileo the other day so I thought WHY NOT?
fuckin.spring: mmm u togo, u kotorog tonirowanije wolosi oni korichnewije, glaza zheltije, drugoj peroksidnij blondin s korichnevimi glazami. Eti kofti u nih krasnije :> a wsio ostalnoe ne wazno! ^o^b
MaryStrawberries: nuu, he is talking to Hirn :C cuz it's not like hirn to say something like that. Who learned me to make comics I don't know.
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I see the formula for hydrogen peroxide~~~ |D </geek>

BAM! im first yessssss!anyway herz's legs....yeah......legs

sadly edited cris 1 min 1min ..............goes to her corner

aww~ 8(

Anyha! Herz you so silly that bed is too tiny for you C:
I really respect Herz, being so happy most of the time yet having that traumatic stuff.

Oh why do you have to make the poor thing suffer so much! D,:


all the scratch marks on the walls. it's like the permanent equivalent of drawing on the wall with crayons.

I d'aaaw'd at herz's old bed and i lol'd when he sat in it xD
I love the "freunds" poster ^w^ somehow that still fits herz!

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I love how you drew that hand <3 amazing!

:'/ Kyahahaa when he jumped into the crib is super cute

The hand is for toatz awesome!

I love how Herz always makes me giggle but hat ehow he always makes me cry inside!

gawd. he's so cute jumping on his crib like that xD

But then, I feel bad just seeing the last 3 panels D :

dat hand

aw :C
his bed and walls have taken a lot of damage there...

diz makes me feel sad somehow :C

I wonder what happen to his parents and how it come to be that hes well different.


How did he manage to slip through the airport(or whatever) with that hand?

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