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October 11th, 2010, 1:02 pm

The foggy streets of Silent Hill

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FFFFF 2 more fans to 4k!!! WHAT SHOULD I DRAAWWWW DFFFDFDSFS I think...i think I like drawing backgrounds.

Bliss41: the name of the city will never be known :I
Nwonknu: I...I hope you are joking because they are not pokemons.
sweetherring: who would name a festival as a town?!
-hey you, I'm going to Berlin tomorrow
-don't you mean fly? it's over seas!
tenderhostility: yes, i covered it in the comic that hirn is very tall. And herz is just short!
charliefish: Mine doesn't understanding yours. And there should be a happy face there :>
HeavyKitty: you told me that so I'd be suffering for the rest of the day imagining how that fanart could look like?!?
*milk+assassin*, October 11th, 2010, 1:12 pm Reply

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Hahaha that town is creepy. :,D
Why is Lunge on his knees in the third panel? :O

Edit: Okay I noticed the stairs, lol I suck.

lolz, of course :P im not dumb x)
but regardless of that, what kind of monster is he?? will we ever know? :o

@bliss no i think there's a lil stair before the door xD

Also Aoohhww herzy \\^^// I lurfe u and your enthousiasm!!!
And i love his hair thing 8D DOn't know how that thing's called >< xD

creepy town is creepy :'> <333

herz you are adorable as always~~ i wish i could be as enthusiastic as him ;w; <3

Oh Herz is so cute and i can't stop imagining him with Vanille I don't if thats good or bad.

@renchikolul orly? I thought maybe him and Soki... :D



*drools* Hirn is so fucking tall~

Jeez, you update quickly!:) I didn't have time to comment on the last comic before you posted this one!
Herz is so cute!!! >.< I love the sparkles!
Where I live we have a big oktoberfest thing, too. We're tied for first in having the most German heritage in America with Wisconsin. XD

Hm, so the monster bros live in a creepy town. I wonder...

HEEEEEY! If you get one more fan, you'll have a total of 4000 fans!

Congrats, milk+assassin! :P

EDIT: I just noticed Herz's headband...

I sooo want it.

You are awesome, drawing backgrounds! When I look this page I think : My god... such a awesome perspective!
You are the exception of all lazy artists who have a lazy ass for drawing backgrounds! And I'm one of them! XD

and I... I think I'll never ever have as much patience as you so I could even THINK about drawing a proper background...
i envy you :C

ALSO it's now exactly 4000!! Go milky! 8DDDD <3
draw something that's not for kids



you should draw a wallpaper for us cuz i need a new one! make it awesomesausce.

The festival is called oktoberfest :P It just takes place in Kitchener. I was saying that the *town* Kitchener used to be called Berlin.

wopros ne w temu, no zadam tut
kakie cweta wolos, glaz i odezdi Nomido i Minodo?
and update Swen`s info already.

Herz is a generally loud boy. UUUUAAAAAAAHHHHH. Yes, Herz, I agree. Uah.

Also I am sorryyyy >w< I should have taken a picture of it and shown you.

Sweet! 4k!

I'll make some awesome fan art to celebrate.

Pyramid Head WIN to the Silent Hill<3

And suddenly the tentacles make sense. 8O

He's not talking to Hirn.. @WhitexNoise

When Lunge says 'what's wrong with you', he is not talking to Hirn; his bubble is slightly higher on the page, indicating a little that he spoke first, and when you take into account he is clearly talking to Herz, which makes a LOT more sense in context and canon. THANK YOU~ *bows*

haha XD just when i was reading this page there were a commercial about the oktoberfest from Blumenau here in my TV XD~

oh and congrats for the 4k+ fans!!

I actually used to live on the street where that scene was filmed :D

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