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October 10th, 2010, 12:55 pm

boy lessons takes action in the town of PSHHHHCRACCKEEEEUUUUU

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if this comic had chapters this would be a HERZ chapter So um it's not snowww just stars in the twilight @-@ uh
Oktoberfest is a beer festival which takes place in Munchen in the end of September to the beginning of October and it's ON THE OPPOSITE side of the germany to Bremen :I
Idk why Bremen, it's the only town I can say I know :,D

Unamused monster Herzy by Tib-chu I am so angry she didn't tell me about it >:I HMMF

ROFLMAO: NOO I mean them together >_>
HeavyKitty: oh man, I just can't draw girls >_>
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I wanted to know in what city it was!!


awhh herzy ^^ just hanging on the bench!

:D the brothers<3

the brothers are my favorite ^_^ <3 what kind of pokemonz is hirn??

i wish i could go to Oktoberfest....again!
damn.....why did we move out of München....and germany generally...:/
XD anyway i'm a big fan of your comic~
keep up the good work <3

Another update?! Lolling Herz's position. He looks like a 12 year old next to his bros.

We have Oktoberfest here (in Kitchener (Canada), which used to be called Berlin but they renamed it during WW2 to be nice BUT BERLIN IS SUCH A BETTER NAME) but I think that's because we have/had the largest german population in the country. Or something.

"Duty freak" :D love this

ahahaha- I love how under your page is an ad for "oktoberfest costumes" atm 8DD

You may have covered this already, but imma ask again.

Is Herz short or are his brothers just really tall?

lol 'duty freak'

я думаю, что Herz настолько симпатичен. :C

Yay! Herz focused chapter. 8D

Herz=<3 lol

These brothers are so lol. <3

I. LOVE. THIS. comic! C:

That's so adorable Herz looks like he's skipping in the last panel.

I <3 him so much... :3

HERZ' HEAD HANGING LIKE THAT MADE ME SO WORRIED HIS HEAD WAS GONNA POP OFF ;A; be careful my fragile little darling herzchen sob sob

Ohhhh, Herzy.

EVERYONE LOVES A HERZ CHAPTERRRRRR <3 8D we shall enjoy the fuck out of it's herzy goodness.

Really, I think you draw Alex's sister (isn't her name Alex as well?) quite well, and like Sunny's teacher and all the filler-girls turned out fine. But Anna is not that attractive methinks >u<

That aside, holy shit this page should have mature content filter. Too many attractive young German tentacle monster men in the same place at the same time... And really, the Wolframs are perfectly capable of being attractive fully clothes and without being slutty, which I appreciate c: and I'm looking forwards to the Germany scenes... I freaking love that place XuX

Also, I drew you more Herz fanart, but it was on a child's menu in a restaurant and I did not save it or take a picture of it. It wasn't suuuper awesome because I drew it with blue crayon that tasted terrible (only the yummy crayons work well) but it was fanart none the less... Probably frightened a couple waitresses because he was in monster form :3

why does everyone always thinks of the oktoberfest *drop* most germans never been there (me neither ^^°)
anyway love that page..poor herz needs to be cheered up!

wow am I dyslexic... I read Oktoberfest as octobreakfast for whatever reason.

P.S. This is totally one of my top favorite web comics!

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