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October 9th, 2010, 12:00 pm

can you notice what's written in the stars? m? =w=

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YES the word "TROW" has a deeper more sophisticated meaning than "THROW" You guys remember Anna from the page 108?
This page couldn't get more exciting with all the breathtaking action, thrilling suspense and overwhelming emotions in all those 3 panels.

Yummy jura hungry for your yummies by Thea-san:
And the best way to terrorize a boy and make it looks sexy by bliss41:

ROFLMAO: WAT?! Wat about Vanilla? ;-; you broke my heart
Jumon: it's still not time *srs face*
Brook Brainwash: your comment made me so sad now that I think of it ;-; what have I dooonee?!
charminganime1092: AHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA
*milk+assassin*, October 9th, 2010, 12:09 pm Reply

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First! >o< I love you! 8D am i right?
Woah, i can't wait to see what will happen between them in the future.

Woooo I remember this page!!!

And oh no my dumb sketch! D:

WOAH There's I love you written in the stars!
mohaaa!!! XD

Their love must be destined if it's in the stars.

haha totally didn't see it until monochromenista mentioned it!

Damnit I wanted to be FIRST!!!*dies*

But I'm glad that you're posting pages again~!

i love you too

Bliss41, your sketch is awesome CX
Anywayss.. I don't think Anna is super attractive, snorrrttt... And I'm not just saying that 'cause she's a girl, she's just not that hot XD
Silly fanboyyy X3

D : the bird at the second panel ees gunna eat the sun Dx

AND. Jura's face and Anna's reaction was epic so it made my day : D

D:::::::::::::::: Juro is so cute .3. <333333
Vanilla and Juro ;P xxxxx.xxxxx
as you can see by my over use of emotes Im melting with thoughts of VxJ yaoi 8=D

lmao so thats how you get someone to cover for you at work! :D

Nooo if she tkes over wont he think tht she kissed him? :(

OHGODNOTANNA D; she's going to steal him away! Also is it I Love You ?! I love you tow!

i love vanilla like, 15 % more than i love jura. c:
but my love for them is so great, i can't even comprehend how much it actually is.

D-Did the world just...i-im...i-implode? eAe

Jura's face in this page makes me rofl. Silly, silly, fan boy.

omg!!! Anna is my name lol!
love your comic!


EPIC BIRD! I want ooooone!

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