January 30th, 2013, 6:11 am

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okay then.

better sumthin than nuthin<3

I will gladly read that comic!

can fully understand that! as well as i will definitely watch that comic too!

Been reading it ^^
I do hope this continues at some point at least~ Grown to love it so much <3


At least I can continue to read your hilarious work. Don't worry, readers understand. You did an awesome work!!!

I'm glad I can still see your art and comics. <3

I'm so glad you're alive!!! I might cry! I really like your craziness and art style! I'm so happy!!! ( ; v;)

I feel as though you're trying to imply something...

Love Comic! Hi, I just got through both of your comics and love them! They are both hilarious with each character having there own unique challenges. I do hope Alex shows up in your newer comic since I haven't seen him in it.

Oh my god. I read this comic a few years back and just found it now and it's on hiatus ;n;

What can I say? sometimes I still read this comic when im down. It really lives liven things up xD

Right when I could know what the hell they are! I love this comic and I really love the new one. ^3^

I loved ftd so much that I read this :,)

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